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No Respect

Posted in Something that got me thinking on September 17, 2009 by Julie Mangan

Something happened the other day that really pissed me off.
Imagine a play ground. On this playground are between 10 and 15 kids. Some of the kids have been there longer than others. A few of them are brand new. These children play games, and occasionally the rules to the games change. Now, one of these children has been playing for a long time, in fact, she has been playing on this playground longer than any other child there. She has seen a lot of kids, games, and rules come and go. Because of this, and because of certain natural causes, this child has a hard time adjusting to, and sometimes remembering, the newer rules. The other children, especially those who have been playing for a while, seem to find this funny, aggravating, irritating and all around something worth disrespecting the other child for. This disrespect is rampant. Those children just coming into the playground witness this behavior in their peers and assume that it’s not only accepted, but basically standard procedure. They join right in, caring not for the feelings of that other child.
Did I mention this disrespect goes on right under the poor child’s nose?
As the newest member of this playground, this terrible behavior shocked me; shocked me straight to tears this last week. I have known this child for a long time. I agree that some things she does can drive you up the wall at times. I know this. To tell me this would be to preach to the choir. But that doesn’t mean she should be disrespected. She’s been around longer than any of us, and that playground, and larger park, owes her better.
I hope and pray that poor child has no idea what’s going on. But I don’t see how she could not know, which breaks my heart for her.
Shame on those who pick on the weak, different, and challenged. I have absolutely no respect for you.