books vs tv adaptations

I’ve read a lot of books and seen a lot of movies, and it never fails to astounded me how one can be so much better than the other.
The example that got me thinking on the subject is abcfamily’s pretty little liars, named after a book series by Sara Shepard. I’ve watched the show from day one, have had my issues with it, but nothing bad enough to turn me away. Yet in the first ten pages of the novel I was so irritated by the writing, the premises, and what I knew to be coming, that I put it down, with no intention of returning to it. And it wasn’t that I knew bad things were going to happen, it was more in the way the writer portrayed the characters as seventh graders. Now, anyone who’s watched the show can tell you these are not the type of activities seventh graders should be up to. So I have to wonder, why did the author choose to make them so young while engaging in such self-destructive behavior, and why did abcfamily choose to place them as juniors in high-school instead?
Imo. Abcfamily made the right choice, which in and of itself is a miracle considering current tv tends. But what about Ms. Shepard? Did she hope for a wider audience by making the girls so young, or is this simply insight into the type of skewed childhood she led? Or is it something else turning me away from the book, some personal preference?
Are these really great books, and I just can’t see it because of the age issues, or is it just a great tv show despite its disreputable origin?


2 Responses to “books vs tv adaptations”

  1. Arthur Nelson Says:

    I wish I had a good comment, but all I can say is that I find very little value in any tv show that is being produced today. I don’t think, however, that the world is as bad as every show portrays life and morals to be, but I am afraid that if television continues like it is, then life and morals will simply go to “hell in a hand basket.” Maybe that is just my anti-secular point of view. Well, not maybe… it is. Life is too short to spend it like this. There is too much good to do and experience.

  2. alicia nelson Says:

    Julie you need to keep reading. The first part of the book is a flash back of a memory. The author doesn’t do a very good job of letting the reader know that, but that’s what I gathered. I thought kind of the same thing until I kept reading a little bit further. Try it again.

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