They’ve started construction in the field behind my house. Initially I was overjoyed to see something going in back there. The prospect of a grocery store within a mile of my house makes me grin like a fool. The vicious rumor that a Texas Roadhouse would be joining said grocery store made me nearly giddy.

Then reality set in. They began digging sometime last week and guess what? My head pounds, my back aches, my nose runs and my throat feels like someone is using it for a pin cushion. Something they’re kicking up back there is kicking my butt. And before you think it, no, I’m not crazy, nor am I paranoid. The Boy is feeling the effects too. We’re both sickly, grouchy and ornery.

On top of all this, the digging in the field is sending furry creatures scurrying from the field into my yard. My dirt is probably inundated with moles, voles, mice, rats, snakes, and countless stray cats. It’s enough to make me want to cry, but that would just make my headache worse.  

All of this leads me to one thought: How long does it take to build a shopping center, and can I remain sane long enough to see it through?


2 Responses to “Allergies”

  1. Keep it together until September 1. A Texas Roadhouse would make me pee my pants a little with excitement.

  2. Mason and I went to Texas Roadhouse the other week and I thought of you the whole time I was there.

    Sorry about the allergies. Allergies suck!

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