Princess of Glass (Princess #2) By Jessica Day George

Princess of Glass is the sequel to Jessica Day George’s Princess of the Midnight Ball. Both are fairy Tales and all that that implies.

While I enjoyed the book on a basic level, such as prose, characters and conflict, I found it lacking in a couple of areas. The most important of which: It’s resolution.

While happily ever after is what we’ve come to expect from the genre, and what was implied in the end of this story, I don’t see how it actually occurred. There was never any clear solution presented to the protagonists problems. They went into the grand finale with no plan and fell out of it, just assuming it was over without actually vanquishing the villain. The villain suggested that even if they did beat her little test she could still not give back what she promised. So why should they assume that just because they escaped her realm that she’s never coming back to get them (literally)? She’d snatched someone out of their home only moments before. What’s to stop her from doing it again? I still don’t know.

The above being said, I am not the target audience for this book. It is obviously geared towards teenage girls, so perhaps I’m over thinking it. But then again, even though I don’t know many, I still assume that teenage girls think logically, and would find this a problem themselves. At least I hope so, since just assuming your problems have vanished when their out of sight isn’t sound teachings for future trials.

In summary: I liked it. But I didn’t REALLY like it.


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