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A good book

Posted in Writing on August 9, 2011 by Julie Mangan

Just finished The Little Lady Agency by Hester Browne (Isn’t that a great name?)

This book was pretty good. Funny, clean, and the characters were engaging. It didn’t end the way I thought it would when I started the book, so that was a pleasant surprise. There were only two problems.
1 – The main character is sooooo incredibly naive. But, in her defence, she knows she’s this way and everyone keeps telling her to knock it off, so it’s not annoying.
2 – It ended kind of abruptly after the plot resolution. We didn’t get to see any of the aftermath or adjustment to the new status quo, or even talk to people that I felt still deserved a little page time.


On to the next!

Posted in Writing on July 7, 2011 by Julie Mangan

I’m trying to figure out what project to work on next. I’ve got a lot of ideas floating around, and even a few projects that are started. I just can’t decide which way to go. Do I want to go the urban fantasy route, LDS chick lit, contemporary romance, or murder mystery? I’ve got ideas for them all but I just can’t narrow it down. perhaps I should combine them all. How does an LDS urban romance mystery sound?  Or maybe I should stick with the editing and work on something I’ve already finished.

I just can’t decide.


Posted in Writing on February 25, 2011 by Julie Mangan

I’m on the last 40 pages of an 85,000 word novel and I’ve decided that revising is not my strong point. I’ve really got to work on that. This is just the first revision, and according to David Farland I’ve got at least five more to go. Eek! The very thought makes me want to cry. Still, who am I to argue with someone like him? So I’ll press on, do my next five revisions and hope to high heaven it doesn’t need another after that. By that point, I’ll probably be ready to toss the book in the fire.

As for my next project, I can’t decide what to do. Shall I go with vampires, YA romance, or LDS chick lit? Somebody, please make the decision for me.